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Modafen's campus is located in Çekmeköy, one of the few tranquil places in Istanbul, and students study in a building whose architecture is in harmony with nature among pine forests. The campus is 15 km from Kadıköy Bağdat Street, 12 km from Ataşehir, and approximately 20 km from Ulus and Tarabya neighborhoods.

In addition to its location intertwined with nature and its natural setting, one of the most distinguishing characteristics of Çekmeköy is that it is one of Istanbul's most earthquake-resistant areas, according to ground surveys.

With its design that fulfills varied demands, Modafen's garden, which is interlaced with the forest, provides all kids from kindergarten to high school with the opportunity to encounter nature and the freedom they require.

The classrooms' spacious design reinforces/facilitates in-class learning and improves concentration.

Modafen conducts activities for effective learning of students with music and painting workshops, as well as science and technology laboratories, with the notion that active studies will boost the learning process.

Modafen guarantees that all parts of education are supplied to its pupils at a satisfactory level by bringing together a wealth of physical and technical opportunities under one roof.

Modafen Library

The building is located in an area overlooking the forest, inviting nature, as a space that is perfect for group work, for easy reading, and that incorporates an informatics area for electronics research, with the goal of providing positive energy and calm to the students.

Modafen Amphitheater

The amphitheater dedicated for our teachers who provide collective education on the 3rd floor of Modafen Campus was carefully designed to ensure that students engage in lectures in big groups and to conduct studies for various age groups.

The Mathematics course taught by Modafen's Founder, Fatih Kanberoğlu, is one of the most popular in this lecture hall.


Sports at Modafen

Ballet, dancing, karate, personal training, and team sports are all available on the Modafen Campus's indoor sports fields. Water sports are also available at the campus's indoor swimming pool.

Modafen Kitchen

Breakfast and lunch are served to students, parents, and instructors in the school cafeteria, which seats 200 people on the garden floor, and the EduKafe eating spaces, which seat 100 people on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

Afternoon meals and after-school activities are served in bakestand snack stations, which are put up after lunch and offer fresh snacks cooked in Modafen's ovens.


Other Facilities

The Modafen Campus Conference Hall, with a capacity of 200 people, allows our school to host a variety of performances and events.

Our school's infirmary is fully equipped to handle all of our students' first-aid needs. Every weekday during school hours, it provides service with its nurses at the school.

During the summer vacation, Modafen Campus hosts math and English camps, sporting events, and orientation programs.

Once with Modafen, always with Modafen.

Modafen provides opportunities for students, graduate students, and their parents to participate in a variety of athletic activities, language learning, and personal development seminars.

Additionally, our Modafen students, alumni, and parents have access to school facilities when they want to display or promote their work.

Modafen Online Görüşme

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Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we hold meetings online or face to face.

We, the Modafen Registration Unit, are here to help you apply for the 2023-24 Academic Year before you arrive on the Modafen Campus.

You can call us at 0216 641 57 83 or fill out the form to make an online appointment, which is the initial step in the Modafen registration procedure.

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