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A-Type Education


Our Goal

By developing and preparing its students for life with high-level education in a contemporary and science-based environment, Modafen aims to raise A-type individuals who adhere to Atatürk's principles and reforms and who will have an effective say in the modern Turkey of the future and the new globalizing world day by day.

It carries forward with the goal of graduating socially and culturally responsible individuals, entrepreneurial leaders, and young people who have enjoyed their student life and have absorbed the Modafen culture, in addition to being successful in Turkey and abroad.

Academic achievement is critical for those who receive an A-type education at Modafen, but it is not sufficient.

Modafen has taken care to establish choices that will enable its students to receive a well-equipped education that can enhance their creative, social, cultural, analytical, and communication skills while building its academic program in line with these goals.

The program's goal is to raise talented students and to enable the students to successfully represent themselves and their country wherever they are, to easily, fluently, and constructively communicate their thoughts in more than one language, to have a comprehensive and global perspective, to adapt to innovations, to be efficient in teamwork as well as their personal achievements, and to be enthusiastic.


Our Values

All students are encouraged to wonder, conduct research, adopt data by asking questions, continue learning throughout their life, and develop their critical thinking skills both inside and outside of class hours as part of the A-type education.

Furthermore, the Modafen culture cherishes each student's experience, honesty, and friendship, and believes that freedoms may be obtained with a certain level of responsibility, and that people should know themselves and those around them, and teaches students about being sensitive to the rights, needs and wishes of other beings in the world, environmental awareness and the importance of environmentalist choices.

To put it another way, growing up with MODAFEN means becoming a self-assured, responsible, respectful, creative, unique, and happy individual.

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Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we hold meetings online or face to face.

We, the Modafen Registration Unit, are here to help you apply for the 2023-24 Academic Year before you arrive on the Modafen Campus.

You can call us at 0216 641 57 83 or fill out the form to make an online appointment, which is the initial step in the Modafen registration procedure.

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