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Modafen’s Abroad Education Office

The study abroad application process can be both exciting and challenging for most pupils. Modafen’s Overseas Counselling Office (MOCO) is here to provide comfort and reassurance with the whole procedure.

Our abroad education team will coach the student, who wishes to continue their education overseas, to ensure their academic career is aligned with their overall life goals.

In this process our abroad education team will first help the student to establish a set of solid, achievable and measurable goals. The team will discuss the student’s options and create a versatile program that’s tailored to their individual needs.

Regular meetings will be arranged to confirm the program is on target and provide the student with a quality service they can rely on throughout the process.

Our Road Map

  • Meet with the student, and their family, to give information about the universities and/or countries, as well as the application process involved
  • Gather information regarding student’s aspirations and help determine suitable higher education goals
  • Prepare a list of possible schools / universities that will be applied to
  • Assess requirements of the student; prepare a personal plan and program for the student
  • Meet regularly with the student to review the program
  • Finalise the list of universities that will be applied to
  • Determine which exams / acceptance criteria are required by schools / universities and plan future actions
  • Carry out and follow the application process from start to finish together with the student
  • Review the acceptances received and help make an informed decision

Our Services

  • Professional advice on the best learning institutions around the world
  • Family / student consultations and follow- up meetings
  • Full application support
  • Kindergarten to university guidance
  • Academic tracking
  • Individual school’s curriculum support
  • Specialized exam preparations: ielts, toefl, sat, ap, yös & igcse
  • Application guidance to overseas summer schools, academic / summer enrichment / pre-college programs
  • Reference and recommendation letters provision and guidance
  • Portfolio building tips
  • Social activity and community service advice
  • Enneagram personality assessment
  • Access to international school seminars



Duke University
Biomedical Engineering

I’ve been working with Modafen’s Overseas Counselling Office since 9th grade. They were a tremendous support throughout the process. With their help, I was able to attend summer schools, volunteer in social service projects and enriched my extracurricular activities.

They also peopared me for the SAT’s, ACT’s and TOEFL. Due to Modafen’s strength in mathematics education, I scored 770 and a full score of 800 in Math 1 and Math 2 SAT Subject Tests respectively. Being able to study at Duke Universirty, Pratt School of Engineering’s Biomedical Engineering Department was a dream of mine and I am so glad that it came true.


King’s College
Economics & Mathematics

Modafen’s Overseas Counselling Office has been guiding me all through of my high school life. I wasn’t sure wether to stay in Turkey or study in England until the last minute; therefore, I had to go through both of the processes. Having a reliable counsellor with you every step of the way is especially important when it comes to making the right decisions that will effect your whole life.

After I applied to Kings College, I also took the Turkish National Exam and got accepted into Civil Engineering in Koç University. However, I decided to go to London. I was lucky to have Modafen on my side as I was applying to King’s College London as it is one of the Russell Group Universities of England and ranks in the top 25 universities globally.


School of the Art Institute

The choice of studying arts was not a hard one because I was always aspired to be an artist, a designer, a creator of authentic works. But when I decided to go abroad, I knew I would be following a very different path then most of my friends. With that decision I have started to work with Modafen’s Overseas Counselling Office.

A focused study plan helped me advance my curriculum and prepare for IELTS. In addition to the extracurricular activities I was participating in school, Modafen assisted me in preparing my portfolio and guided me throughout the application process. Now I am studying in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and I’m loving it.


University of Texas at Austin

In the middle of 10th grade, I’ve decided to consider studying abroad. As soon as I made a list of possible universities, I started working with Modafen’s Overseas Counselling Office. They were especially helpful in preparing me for TOEFL, SAT Math and Science Subject Tests, acquiring my reference and recommendation letters, and increasing my participation in internationally recognized social activities such as Destination & Imagination and Harvard MUN.

I was also guided towards internship options via Modafen’s counsellors. Together with specialised help, I’ve gotten accepted into the University of Texas at Austin’s Mathematics Faculty, which ranks as the 14th best math programme in the world. I am already excited to start the next phase of my life.

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