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World Theatre Day at Modafen

Unesco’s performance arts’ aims such as knowledge, practice, and raising awareness about artistic creativity are highlighted in World Theatre Day.

The Modafen family celebrated 27 March World Theatre Day. Karagöz, Hacivat, and Nasrettin Hodja were seen in the Modafen corridors all day long as the unforgettable Adile Naşit’s Hafize Ana character rang bells in the corridors. The characters, animated by Mim Depo actors, were admired throughout the day by our students.

EdukaKids and primary school students had a wonderful day watching the play “Atom ile Bıdık Tatilde”.

Our respected artists İpek Erdem and Gökçe Özyol made speeches to secondary and high school students. They all spoke about their experiences in the theatre.

World Theatre Day, a day full of art, has been celebrated enthusiastically in our school.

30 March 2015 Monday
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