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World Championship Celebration at Modafen

A great celebration was held for our students who were crowned “High School Boys World Swimming Champion” at the 13th ISF World Schools Swimming Championship held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil between 18-23 May.

The celebration ceremony was held on May 27, Monday with the participation of all our students and teachers. The ceremony started at 09:40 AM with the reception of our students who became World Champions. Our champions were greeted in front of the school with a cortege and the band team. They walked in the school with a barrage of confetti and the enthusiasm of our students. Six of our students gave interviews in company with the press members, their friends and families to express their feelings. The award ceremony continued with the program in the school yard.

The ceremony started with the National Anthem in the school yard, and Fatih Kanberoğlu, the founder of our school gave a speech and said, “We claim and believe that art and sports can be sustained simultaneously. We see that this has many positive effects on our students. Modafen had 6 students in its first years and today Modafen celebrates a team of 6 World Champion students. This made us all very proud.” All 6 of our World Champion students including Hakan Çark, Swimming Team Chief Coach, took to the podium one by one and expressed their thoughts and feelings. Hakan Çark, Modafen Swimming Team Chief Coach, said “We were very happy to have won this championship in such a beautiful holiday week and in the 100th Anniversary of our National Struggle. Students, who said they were very spirited and proud, received their plaques and championship gifts from Fatih Kanberoğlu, founder of the school; Mehmet Durak, school principal and İlhan Obuz, mathematics teacher. After the gifts were handed, lots of photos were taken to immortalize this unforgettable and proud day.

Modafen Family would like to congratulate Bedirhan Tamer, Berke Saka, Demirkan Demir, Efe Başar, Ekin Demirbaş and Emir Şimşek for being “High School Boys World Swimming Champion” and wishes them a continued success throughout their lives. We also would like to congratulate Hakan Çark, Modafen Swimming Team Chief Coach for his outstanding success and his disciplined efforts to make a difference for our students in swimming.

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28 May 2019 Tuesday
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