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We Lifted the Cup at Swimming

The Modafen High School Swimming Team won the cup at the races, as they competed with swimmers who were three years older.

Our High School students participated in the School Sports Istanbul Championship Swimming Races held in between 6-7th January 2016 in Burhan Felek Swimming Pool.

Although it was their first time at this championship, they won second place with their amazing performance and lifted the cup. Despite the fact that the rival team consisted of 8 people and were 3 years older than our swimmers, Modafen, with its 6 people team achieved a great success winning second place in Istanbul among 56 school teams.

Burak Ataklı, Demirkan Demir, Deniz Yıldız, Doğu Alpay, Tuna Özaltın and Yiğit Babayiğit were the members of the team which achieved that great success. Meanwhile, in the girls’ category, our student Sena Yazıcı, earned four medals with her amazing performances.

The individual achievements of our students, who passed to the next round with 9 gold, 6 silver and 7 bronze medals in total:

Demirkan Demir:
4 gold (100 and 200 meters breaststroke, 200 and 400 meters medley)
2 silver (4×100 meters freestyle and 4×100 meters medley relay)

Doğu Alpay:
3 gold (50 and 100 meters butterfly, 100 meters freestyle)
3 silver (200 meters freestyle, 4×100 meters freestyle and 4×100 meters medley relay)

Tuna Özaltın:
1 gold (100 meters backstroke)
3 silver (50 meters backstroke, 4×100 meters backstroke and 4×100 meters medley relay)
2 bronze (400 meters freestyle and 200 meters backstroke)

Yiğit Babayiğit:
1 gold (50 meters backstroke)

Sena Yazıcı:
2 silver (50 and 200 meters breaststroke)
2 bronze (200 meters breaststroke, 400 meters freestyle)

Deniz Yıldız:
2 silver (4×100 meters freestyle and 4×100 meters medley relay)
3 bronze (50 meters freestyle, 50 and 200 meters butterfly)

Istanbul Mixed Team qualified for the next round thanks to our Swimming Club Swimmers:

Our students, who had qualified for the Istanbul Mixed Team in the selections held in December, helped the Istanbul team to move on the next round with the points they earned for their team in Anatolian Young Teams Swimming League Swimming Group Competition held in Çanakkale on 9-10 January 2016.

The Istanbul Team, consisting of swimmers including Azra Dinler, Elif Alkış, Dilara Özcan and  Defne Duru Dilek, who practice at Modafen Swimming Club, competed with 11 students and moved on to the next round.

The individual achievements that our students earned during the races are as follows;
Dilara Özcan: 1 first place, 2 second place, 3 third place
Azra Dinler: 1 second place, 1 third place
Defne Duru Dilek: 1 second place, 1 third place
Elif Alkış: 1 second place

We congratulate our students for their achievements, which made us proud, and wish them continued success.

13 January 2016 Wednesday
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