We Celebrated 29th of October – Republic Day – with Great Joy ⋅ Modafen

We Celebrated 29th of October – Republic Day – with Great Joy

We celebrated the 93rd Anniversary of the Turkish Republic, given to the Turkish People and Youth by our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, with joy and enthusiasm.

We strongly believe that it is our mission to keep our Republic strong forever. We are highly dedicated to walk towards the future together with our students with joy, hope and excitement under the motto of Atatürk who said: “The Republic requires generations with free thoughts, free understanding”.

The 29th October celebrations started with the National Anthem ceremony. The opening speech was given by Mehmet Durak, our school principal, who talked about the importance of the Turkish Republic and its benefits for the Turkish people. Our Math Teacher, İpek Onaran, added to Mehmet Durak’s speech and said: I would like to emphasize Atatürk’s saying ‘Healthy mind in a healthy body’. Sports are of great importance. I perform sports professionally. I would like to remind our students of this saying of Atatürk and ask them to perform sports.”

The poem written and recited by our 4th grade student, Işık Uzunokur, drew great attention. Then, Nida Elmas Gökçe, one of our Primary School teachers, made a speech and she emphasized the importance of the Republic, celebrating the Republic Day of both our teachers and students. The stage turned into a visual fest with the paintings our students had done under the guidance of our Art teachers: Perincan Yalnızcık, Tuğçe Gizem Baş and Esra Çubuk, with the concept of flying birds. The performance that was prepared with the strong enthusiasm of our students started with a combination of dance and drama. During the play, written and directed by our school drama teacher Derya Aslan, the students underlined the importance of the rights and freedom granted to women after the declaration of the Republic. Finally, our choir came to the stage under the guidance of our music teachers and sang different songs. Among them, a song Atatürk loved, “Ben Giderim Batum’a”, made the audience live the joy of Republic Day. The performances, the songs and the poems recited, emphasized the importance and the meaning of our Republic once again. The ceremony ended with students and teachers singing the 10th Year Chant all together with great enthusiasm.

2 November 2016 Wednesday
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