Trip To Central Europe

Day 1

We all met at Atatürk Airport at 6.30 a.m. and after the 2-hour flight, we landed in Budapest and started our tour. Splendid buildings, public squares, castles and the beauty of the city made us forget our fatigue. After lunch, we listened to the stories of the gorgeous bridges on the Danube River which separates Buda and Pest. We visited important historical places of the area such as the Gellert Hill, Fisherman’s Bastion, and Gul Baba’s Tomb. The biggest surprise for us was the boat tour on the Danube River. We gazed at the Palaces, Castles and the Opera Building from the river and learnt about their history.

Day 2

Having rested, we had breakfast and went to visit the famous castle of Esztergom which served the Ottoman Empire for more than 150 years. We had lunch in a restaurant which oversees the Danube River. Then we went to Szentendre, a nice village of Budapest. Another surprise was waiting for us at the restaurant where we were going to have dinner. At the restaurant, where local food was served along with traditional dances, we were quite happy to hear Turkish songs, too.

Day 3

After breakfast at the hotel, we took the bus to Vienna and had a panoramic city tour. Having seen the Opera and Parliament Building, Prater Park, University of Vienna and many palaces, we visited the St. Stephan Cathedral which is famous for its gothic architecture. Then, we hit the road to Prague, the capital of The Czech Republic. After the short tour in Prague, we went to a restaurant which is famous for its Middle Age entertainment. Along with a delicious dinner, we watched the swordfight of the Middle Age soldiers and the performance of the belly dancers dancing with snakes.

Day 4

After breakfast, we started the city tour in Prague. After seeing important buildings such as the Presidential Palace, St. Vitus Cathedral, The Golden Lane, and The Cathedral of Prague, we crossed the Charles IV Bridge which is famous for its interesting statues. Then, we arrived at the old town square where we saw the famous Prague Astronomical Clock.

Day 5

In the morning, we set off to Karlovy Vary, one of the most amazing cities of Czech Republic. Like many famous people like Beethoven and Mozart who visited the thermal springs of this city to find some cure, Atatürk visited and stayed for a while in this city to get treatment for his glomerulonephritis. We got the chance to visit the hotel where Atatürk had stayed. Housing plenty of water springs and fountains, this city looked almost like it was a fairytale city with its colourful buildings. After lunch, we half-heartedly left the city behind and set off to Prague Airport. After having a wonderful five days which went by so rapidly, we arrived home with wonderful memories.

14 May 2013 Tuesday
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