The Democracy Experience of Modafen Society

Following the election of a School President which he followed up with significant interest, the founder of Modafen, Fatih Kanberoğlu, held a meeting with the subject matter “Roads Leading to success” where all candidates participated.

First of all, Kanberoğlu congratulated all school presidents elected at primary, secondary and high school levels and thanked all participants due to their participation to the election period and emphasized that such experiences during the student years are important instruments which contribute to future success and they build the milestones for the person in future. His speech which included enjoyable sections from the life experiences and success stories of World leaders were listened to by all participants with great interest.

By means of the meeting whereby it was emphasized that as much as winning brings happiness and motivation, losing brings knowledge and experience, all candidates having attended to the election process were given the opportunity to share and express their emotions and thoughts.

Kanberoğlu stated in his speech during the meeting: “as much as losing might seem to be a negative experience at first, it is a didactic process. Losing; motivates harder working, reviewing your targets, becoming determined against hardships. It makes you stronger against the losses and disappointments which life may cause you to encounter. It helps you build a humble and resolute character”.

Kanberoğlu encouraged the students who became candidates during the election with his speech motivating them to take more solid steps and reminded them that the most important step of winning is through losing and showed a different aspect of life to his students.

He believes that by telling the importance and value of the efforts they made, the parents having witnessed their election process which they participated in by emphasizing the value and importance of the efforts they have made, they will make t hem feel how much they are proud of them; we, as Modafen, would like to thank once again to our students with whom we shared our democratic enthusiasm and excitement of election.

11 March 2020 Wednesday
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