Success and Activities in Swimming Club in May and June

Deniz Yıldız Turkey Champion

Our 8th grade student, Deniz Yıldız, beat 38 competitors to become champion of Turkey with his time of 00:26:73’ in 50 the metres free style in the School Sports Stars Category Turkey Swimming Championship which was held in Çorum on 27-29 May 2015.

In order to attend the Turkey Championship, Deniz Yıldız won the Istanbul championship and then came second at the group eliminations in Karabük, with a time of 27 seconds. He then put in a great performance in the final, coming under 27 seconds in the final, and received gold medal.

We congratulate our swimmer Deniz Yıldız and wish him continued success.

Swimming Festival

Our 5-12 year-old students attended the “Modafen End of Year Swimming Festival”. At the opening, Modafen synchronized swimmers gave a performance. Modafen swimming school and swimming club attended the festival and competitions in various categories took place.

During the festival, 31 records from last year were broken. Our parents got the chance to watch their children’s performances live in the Conference Hall.

One of our national athletes, 2015 Balkan champion Gökhan Bozyiğit, 2015 ladies Turkey champion Ayşe Ezgi Yazıcı and our Turkey champion, student Deniz Yıldız, shared our students’ success at this wonderful event.

Dilara Özcan İstanbul Champion

Our 4th grade student, Dilara Özcan, became Istanbul champion among 101 competitors with her time of 00:37:27’ in the 50 metres backstroke in the School Sports Junior Category Istanbul Swimming Championship, which was held in Istanbul on 1-2 June 2015.

We Won Our First Cup

Our 4th grade students received a cup after coming 4th among 130 schools in the ladies category in the School Sports Junior Category Istanbul Swimming Championship, which was held in İstanbul on  1-2 June 2015.

Junior ladies team students who won cups:

  1. Ceyda Özcan
  2. Dilara Özcan
  3. Ece Kulabaş
  4. İrem Ertüzün
  5. Zeynep Eda Tavşan

Kindergarten Students Swam With Their Clothes On

Our kindergarten students who train in the Modafen Swimming Club swam with their shorts and t-shirts on the last day of “I can swim with my clothes on” project.

Our students, who have learnt swimming techniques and safe swimming education during the school year, demonstrated their swimming abilities with their clothes on in case of emergency.

Important information:  Even if our students know how to swim, they face the risk of falling into the pool with their clothes in summer. It is very difficult to swim with clothes which absorb water and it is extremely dangerous if you don’t have experience. The main purpose of this project is to reduce this risk.

15 June 2015 Monday
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