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Science and Technology Lesson Trip

Our 3rd grade students visited the glass furnace in Öğümce, a small village in Beykoz, which is known as the international centre of glass work and fine arts. The visit was organized within the framework of the unit “Introduction to Matter”, which our students had studied at their Science and Technology lessons. At the furnace, where hundreds of glass objects are produced and some training is given, our students witnessed the solidification process of liquid glass and watched a presentation on how to give shape to glass via flame.

They also had the chance to test their own ability and creativity at creating patterns using different colour glass and they also saw different decorative objects made by recycled glass. Therefore, they learnt that they had to separate the glass waste form other waste for the recycling process.  Our students enjoyed the trip a lot. The miracle of how a small sand particle turns into glass combining with 12 different materials amazed our students and it is for sure that from now on they will be very careful about glass made objects.

We would like to thank the guide who helped us during the trip and to the workers of Beykoz  Glass Furnace for the hospitality they showed us.

11 November 2015 Wednesday
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