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Records and Medals from Modafen’s Swimmers

Deniz Yıldız and Demirkan Demir have continued the Modafen tradition with the records they broke and the medals they won at the Turkish Summer Swimming Championship. 

Our students Deniz Yıldız and Demirkan Demir, who raced at the Turkish Summer Swimming Championship held in 12-16 August 2015 in Istanbul, took their places on the podium with their exceptional performances.

Our student Deniz Yıldız, who raced for the 14 year-old boys’ team, won the gold medal in the 100m freestyle race, clocking 0:56.72.

Yıldız also won the bronze medal at the difficult 50m freestyle race, achieving his best time with 00:25.99.

Demirkan Demir broke the national record which had been held by Derya Büyükuncu for 25 years  

Demirkan Demir, who first broke the 200 meters mixed national record, held by Derya Büyükuncu since 1990, at the morning selections, clocking 2:13.79, created a new record at the evening finals, clocking 2:11.07’. Therefore, Demirkan Demir, became the new holder of a record which nobody had been able to break since 1990.

Demirkan Demir, clocking 1:07.81 at the 100m breast-stroke relay; 2:23.93 at 200m breast-stroke race;  4:44.23’ at 400m mixed race, became the holder of new national records. Furthermore, he became the Turkish Champion at 400m free style relay clocking 4:09.93.

We congratulate our students who successfully represent Galatasaray Spor Kulübü (Galatasaray Sports Club) and Kınalıada Spor Kulübü (Kınalıada Sports Club) and wish them continued success.

18 August 2015 Tuesday
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