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Our Students Returned From Europe With Medals

Our Modafen students returned with medals from the competitions they participated in with the National Form in July.

Our new graduates, Demirkan Demir and Emir Şimşek, successfully represented our country and our school in the European Junior Swimming Championship held in Kazan, Tatarstan.

Demirkan Demir in 100m breaststroke, broke the record in Turkey was also third in Europe, while the bronze medal winner.

Demirkan Demir and Emir Simsek broke the record of Turkey by taking part in the 4×100 meter medley relay team and won bronze medal as third in Europe. Another of our graduates at the European Junior Swimming Championship, Halil Boran Hasay, also performed successfully with the national form.

Our students Ekşn Demirbaş of Grade 11 became the owner of the new record of Turkey in the 4×100 meters freestyle relay team.

At the European Youth Olympics (EYOF) held in Baku, Azerbaijan, three Modafen students exalt us with their success.

In swimming, Berke Saka, in 200 meters backstroke, finished the competition in second place and won a silver medal. Moreover, he finished 200 meters as third place and broke the record of Turkey of 15/16/17/18 age.

Berkay Yılmaz, who is in our Basketball National Team, carried our team to second place with the success he showed.

Our successful student Ziya Berkay Kel took part in the Azerbaijan National Team in the same competitions.

As the Modafen Family, we congratulate our youth who make our country proud with their successful results and wish them continued success.

1 August 2019 Thursday
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