Our Students’ Projects Are Accepted to Children and Youth Art Biennale ⋅ Modafen

Our Students’ Projects Are Accepted to Children and Youth Art Biennale

The 3rd Istanbul Children and Youth Art Biennale started as a sustainable project of the Europe Culture Capital Agency and continued with the collaboration of the provincial directorate of national education and TEGV. Biennale is an art organization which was founded for students to involve in contemporary art, to use different materials, techniques, and disciplines, and to exhibit their work in an eligible platform.

Art makes you understand life in a different way, makes you question and raise awareness. Thus, we decided to participate in the Istanbul Children and Youth Biennale which is the right platform for our children to display their creativity.

We thought and brainstormed about the theme “Small is good”, which is determined by the biennale team, and sent our contemporary art projects out to the biennale.

Thirteen of our projects have been accepted by the council where there are important people such as Harun Kaya (Istanbul Vice Governor), Prof. Devrim Erbil (artist), Muammer Yıldız (Provential Director of National Education), Beral Madra (curator and art director), Gazi Selçuk (art director and teacher), and Gülçin Aksoy (Mimar Sinan University lecturer).

Our students who will participate in the Biennale between 15 May and 15 June are preparing strictly.

Our students whose projects are accepted at the biennale:

Kerem Akbulut #568 – Küçük Ego İyidir
Alya Yersu Toraman #940, Yenican Koçtürk #1028,
Zeynep Hande Yazıcı #197 – Dünya Küçüktür
Zeynep Deniz Özbay #558 – Kalbinle Bak
Ayşe Naz Nemli #776 – Küçük ve Sevimli
Maya Ceren Arseven #462, Cemre Naz Mumcu #240 – Küçük, Sağlıklı ve İyi
Barışcan Mengeliboğa #705 – En Yakın
Erim Özgür #140 – Küçük, Faydalı ve İyi
Mina Toğlukdemir #1066 – Küçücük Saf Kalpler, Sevgi Veren Eller
Sanem Sarıoğlu #1020 – Nar Taneleri
Fazilet Gamze Genç #268 – Küçük Candır
Fethi Denker #458 – İyi Fikir
Elif Gencer #914 – An
Zeynep Hande Yazıcı #197 – Küçük

14 February 2014 Friday
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