Our High School Student, Demirkan Demir, Has Been Invited to the United States of America ⋅ Modafen

Our High School Student, Demirkan Demir, Has Been Invited to the United States of America

As the Modafen Family, we are proud of the numerous cups and medals which have been won by the Modafen Sports Club, an integral part of Modafen Schools, known for the importance and support that they give to sports in general.

Our high school student, Demirkan Demir, has captured the attention of many sports authorities with his performances at swimming races as well as his successful academic performance at school. Demirkan Demir, who is followed by observers worldwide, has drawn the attention of Coach Bob Bowman who is the lead coach of the USA boys’ swimming team, which will participate in the Rio Olympic Games, as well as the coach of worldwide famous American swimmer Michael Phelps. He has also been noticed by Coach Mark Schubert, who is known as the coach who has trained most of the American national team swimmers. Demirkan Demir has been invited to the summer swimming camp, which will take place in two different locations (Arizona State University and Golden West Swimming Club) between 14-22 August 2016.

The performance that Demirkan will show during the camp, which he has been invited to thanks to his academic success, the 26 Turkish records he has broken and his performance at National Team, will be assessed by the American coaches. If the coaches approve, Demirkan will be invited to the USA to continue his education and his swimming career in preparation for 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

We congratulate Demirkan Demir, who has always made us proud with his success at sports, his sportive personality and academic achievements. We also congratulate his parents and wish Demirkan a great camp period.

3 August 2016 Wednesday
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