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Modafen’s Festival of Literature

As Modafen Family, we aim to bring up individuals who have a word to tell, a story to share with the world, and with a high awareness of Turkish language and literature. Having this goal in mind, our school’s Turkish Language and Literature teachers organized the “Modafen Literature Week”, from 14th to 21st December, in collaboration with the art department and photography club.

The art exhibitions, prepared by our art teachers and photography club, made the Modafen Literature Week more colourful. Modafen’s art teachers guided their students to prepare book covers and displayed the covers on the walls. Our photography teacher, Ilgın Yaroğlu, organized an art exhibition called “Modafen Students are Reading”.

The opening conference of the week was about the great poet, story teller and word magician, Yaşar Kemal. On Monday 14th December, a symposium called “Respect to the Masters: Yaşar Kemal” was held with the participation of all high school students and teachers. Our literature teachers, Tuncer Türk, Tuğçe Aydın Kongur and Ayça Tunçel Eken, presented the magic world of the author.

On Tuesday 15th December, one of the greatest authors of child literature, Çiğdem Gündeş, and Ayda Kantar Ataman, who illustrates Gündeş’s books, met our students at the workshop called “From Drawing to a Story”. They informed our children about how a book is created and they also signed their books

On Wednesday 16th December, Toprak Işık, who is a source of inspiration for everybody, setting a great example in terms of his being interdisciplinary as an engineer and author, came together with our 3rd grade students. He answered the curious questions of the students and signed his books for them.

On Thursday 17th December, the famous author, story teller and playwright, Habib Bektaş, came together with our 4th, 5th and 6th grade students and spoke about his book “Uzun Lafı Kısası” – the story he wrote based on Turkish proverbs and idioms. He created a great awareness about the Turkish language.

The last activity held during the Modafen Literature Week was the commemoration of a great poet: Orhan Veli Kanık. On December 21st, our 7th grade students presented a drama on the work of the poet: “Respect to the Masters: Orhan Veli – Poem Recital”. The presentation of our Turkish teacher, İlknur Özdemir, the speech given by our school principal, Mehmet Durak, and the art and dance performance by the arts department, amazed our students and added additional colour to the program.

25 December 2015 Friday
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