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Modafen WinterFest in Uludağ

The Modafen family got together for “WinterFest Uludağ”, which started on Thursday at Alkoçlar Zone 2 Hotel, for four days of fun in Uludağ.

Our first group included students from EdukaKids, as well as primary and secondary students, together with our parents and teachers. After checking-in at the hotel, our students hit the slopes, some of them taking ski and snowboard lessons from the instructors of Uludağ Ski Academy, and started to enjoy the excitement of Uludağ.

Our students were not alone on the ski-run as our parents and teachers joined them on the slopes. Everyone skied during the day, and relaxed at the pool and in the Turkish baths in the evening.

On the second day, our family spent wonderful time skiing and had sledding competitions in the evening. There was a surprise at dinner time as we celebrated the birthdays of those students who had birthdays during the trip. At dinner time, we celebrated the birthdays of those students whose birthdays coincided with the Uludağ trip, resulting in several happy and surprised students.

On the third day, there was a large variety of activities. After the morning ski session, it was time for a “sucuk” party. In the afternoon, our students who had attended the ski school, put on a performance by showing off their talent and self-confidence, skiing down from the top of the piste. Our students’ success was rewarded by certificates and presents given by The Uludağ Ski Academy and the trip came to an end with a live music performance made especially for our parents.

It was the last day of Winterfest. Our students spent some time on the snow before checking-out. The group stopped to enjoy Iskender Kebab on the way back and a wonderful trip came to an end as they arrived back at school.

20 January 2014 Monday
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