Modafen WinterFest at Uludağ

The Modafen family got together for “WinterFest Uludağ”. Students from EdukaKids, Primary, Secondary, and High School, as well as our parents and teachers attended the festive Uludağ trip.

The address of “Modafen WinterFest”, which started on Wednesday, was Alkoçlar Zone 2 Hotel. After checking-in at the hotel, our students hit the slopes and started to enjoy the excitement of Uludağ. Some of them took ski and snowboard lessons from the instructors of Doruk Skiing School. Our students were not alone on the ski-run as our parents and teachers joined them on the slopes. Everyone skied during the day, and relaxed at the pool and in the Turkish baths in the evening.

On the second day, our family spent wonderful time skiing and had sledding competitions in the evening. There was a surprise at dinner time as we celebrated the birthdays of those students who had birthdays during the trip, resulting in several happy and surprised students. We watched a film together and went back to our rooms to rest for the next day.

There was a large variety of activities during our festival. After the morning ski session, it was time for a “sucuk” party. In the afternoon, our students, who had attended the ski school, put on a performance by showing off their talent and self-confidence, skiing down from the top of the piste. Our students’ successes were rewarded by certificates and presents given by Doruk Skiing School. Our student from 6A, Aslan Palaska received a Fair Play reward and the trip continued with a live music performance prepared especially for our parents.

Our students spent some more time on the snow before checking-out. The group stopped to enjoy Iskender Kebab on the way back and a wonderful trip came to an end as they arrived back at school.

Our students and parents who participated in WinterFest shared their impressions with us

“It’s my twin daughters Ceyad and Dilara’s first year at Modafen. We started school anxiously, yet we found ourselves in a fun and fast process. After the wonderful Selanik trip, now we are back from the amazing Uludağ trip.

Our plans for the Uludağ trip started excitedly weeks ago and we set off to Uludağ on Wednesday morning, 14th of January. The girls were so excited that they couldn’t sit still during the bus ride.

We checked in at the hotel and found ourselves on the ski pistes, breathing in the fresh mountain air. The girls went to the ski school. I had many questions but they were all answered and I saw that everything was so organised. It is very difficult to take care of all the people and all the children. I would like to congratulate all the staff and the dear teachers.

As The Modafen Family, we were very lucky for 5 days in terms of snow and the weather. Not only the children but also we, the parents, had so much fun until late at night.

Our children’s success at the Ski School made us proud. We came back happily with beautiful memories of such a sweet Uludağ trip.

The children’s question on the way back was: “Mommy, can we join the trip next year too?”

On behalf of my family, I personally would like to thank everyone who organised and contributed to this wonderful trip. I am glad we are at Modafen! Best Regards,”

Zeynep Özcan

“As The Modafen Family, once again we got together at Winterfest Uludağ. It was wonderful for the families to see the excitement of Dora and all the students. The organisation was amazing. Accommodation, transportation, ski school, cinema night, birthday celebrations, entertainments and, especially, our teachers were excellent!”

“First of all, I would like to thank the school management, who enabled our students to acquire sporting skills and gave us the opportunity to build new friendships. All the children asked when we were coming back again. I guess it will be more often with The Modafen Family. Thank you for everything.”

Nihan Savgan

“Uludağ was the best, the most entertaining holiday of my life. I tried snowboarding for the first time at Uludağ. I enjoyed the tournaments.”

Emre Orhan 8E

“It was a wonderful experience for me. I skied for the first time. I fell down but I enjoyed falling down, too. I had wonderful 5 days.”

Ada Yarar 9A

“This is my 3rd year and I recommend this trip to everyone. It’s so much fun. Who doesn’t like Uludağ anyway?”

Mina Batıgün 5B

23 January 2015 Friday
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