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Modafen Trip to Germany Ended with Many Great Memories

Modafen students had the chance of discovering new places while visiting Germany and also they had the chance of practicing what they had learnt during the lessons. During the 7day trip, our students, accompanied by their German language teachers, lived the German culture in its homeland, visited the most interesting places in Germany and tasted the delicious local food.

On the first day of the trip, our students  checked in their hotels in Hamburg city and then visited the historical places in the city. After having free time, they ended the day having visited the biggest railway miniature museum of the world: Miniatur Wunderland. On the second day, they went to Tierpark Zoo and aquarium and learnt new details about different animals

The next destination after the zoo and aquarium was the shopping centers in Hamburg. On the third day they enjoyed themselves a lot on the roller-coasters  in the Heide Park which is one of the largest amusement parks of Germany and whole Europe.

On the 4th day of the trip they traveled from Hamburg to Berlin by the high speed train which is the most widely used transportation means of Europe. They enjoyed the comfort of ICE train a lot. After they had arrived in Berlin Hauptbahnhof  train station, they visited Fernsehturm  TV tower and they lived the happiness of seeing  the city where our German teachers Barış Özdemir and  Banu Özdemir were born and grew up. During this visit they also had the chance to have an idea about German education system.

On the fifth day of the trip our students visited a lot of different places . First they went to Bandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate) and then enjoyed seeing the wax statues of world celebrities at the Madame Tussauds  museum. Then they visited Checkpoint Charly’s Beach and  Checkpoint Charly’s  Museum. Finally they visited the Berlin Wall and the museum  where the work related to history of the wall was exhibited. On the sixth day, they spent their time at Legoland Deutschland Lego Museum and they saw the artwork created with Lego pieces. And then they met different creatures at the Sealife aquarium.

The last day was spent in Berlin. Our students  had the chance of visiting many historical places and museums there and so of discovering the German culture closely. Of course they shopped a lot at the end of the trip. They bought lots of souvenirs from the shops and then set off for Istanbul.

25 August 2016 Thursday
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