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Modafen Swimming Club Selection

Modafen Swimming Club started with student selections. The trials took place at the weekend and the students who will represent Modafen at the swimming competitions were selected.

45 students, who were born between 1996 and 2006, attended the trials in different categories such as 50 freestyle, 50 breaststroke, 50 backstroke, and 50 butterfly. The students were evaluated by their swimming styles and speed.

Our parents, who watched their children’s performance in the cafeteria, shared their children’s excitement.

Our swimming trainer Hakan Çark said he was very happy with the students’ performances and their confidence. He noted that the selected students will be observed closely during their training and that the students who couldn’t attend the original trials, due to certain reasons, would be able to attend another trial.

The list of the students who were selected for Modafen Swimming Team and the school team:

Modafen Swimming School Team 2013-2014

U-10 (2004-2006)
Ilgaz Mai Demir #276
Simal Savaş #879
Azra Dinler #142
Doğa Dinler #143
Derin Canel #
Yaman Uzakgiden #305

U-12 (2002-2003)
İdil Ceylan #277
Oğuz Kayra Berber #1019
Bora Erdoğan #794
Doruk Yılmaz #
Ali Demir #223

U-14 (2000-2001)
Ekin Doğa Çelik #258
Deniz Yıldız #564
Ulaş Topaç #918
Uraz Yılmaz #565

Modafen Swimming Club Team 2013-2014

Foundation (2006-2007)
Lara Koçtürk #504
Ozan Bars #531
Eren Umut Koçak #369
Rafi Kaya #379

Age 9-10 (2004-2005)
İrem Ertüzün #280
Zeynep Eda Tavşan #312
Ece Kulabaş #787
Selen Yıkılmaz #299
Simal Savaş #879
Azra Dinler #142
Doğa Dinler #143
Zeynep Polat #875
Nisa Ekşioğlu #158
Tuna Tunalıoğlu #237

Age 11-12 (2002-2003)
Zeynep Özsoy #548
İdil Ceylan #277
Oğuz Kayra Berber #1019
Ali Demir #223
Doruk Yılmaz #
Ada Üzümcü #221

Age +13 (2001 and older)
Kerem Akbulut #568
Emre Orhan #570
Atahan Özsoy #573
Ulaş Topaç #918

14 January 2014 Tuesday
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