Modafen Second in Turkey in Dubbing Contest ⋅ Modafen

Modafen Second in Turkey in Dubbing Contest

Another success from our 6th grade students. After winning our Modafen Dubbing Contest, Gülce Günerli#461, Irmak Özügüzel#326, Kerem Akbulut#568, and Mina Besen#566, represented Modafen in The English Dubbing Contest at Çevre College, competing with different schools from all over Turkey. Their competitors were Terakki College, Gelişim College, Çakabey Schools, Marmara College, Darüşşafaka College, MEV Büyükçekmece College, Okan College, FMV Ayazağa Işık College. Our students made the Modafen Family very proud by coming second in the competition. Using their creativity and English skills, together with a great team-spirit, our students gave a wonderful performance during the competition.

In the first part of the competition, all of the schools had to dub a 2-minute movie. At the end of this stage, the jury, (Maria Topkar – Çevre College, Steve Layland – British Side, Adnan İpek – Cambridge), chose Modafen as one of the 6 schools to compete in the final round.

Our students were taken to a classroom to prepare for the second part of the competition, during which

time the competition hall was being prepared for “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” quiz show. Our student, Sina Besen#654, was elected to participate in this quiz show. Sina Besen gave a wonderful performance and demonstrated his level of culture and self-confidence by answering 14 questions out of 15 correctly.

In the final part of the competition, our students were given 50 minutes to prepare a two-minute scenario from the movie Ratatouille. Without any help from their teachers, our students wrote a text and added sound effects. They used their time effectively to produce a breath-taking performance on stage. When the results were announced, our students and teachers were extremely happy to hear that they were the runner-up. All of the participants were both happy and excited when they received their certificates.

The first three schools, İzmir Çakabey School, Modafen, and Şişli Terakki Schools, received a trophy each and were given a printer as a gift. Our students kindly dontated their gift to their school.

Congratulations to our students on their success which has made the Modafen Family extremely proud.

9 April 2013 Tuesday
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