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Modafen “Pi Day” Activities

“Pi Day” has been recognised as a special day to commemorate the mathematical constant “Pi”. The start of “Pi” is 3.14 and therefore, being recognised as the 3rd month 14th day, “Pi Day” is celebrated on 14 March.

Accordingly, our school Mathematics Department organised a “Pi Day” program during the week of 8-14 March. Included in the program was the “5th Modafen Mathematics Olympics” and “Pi Reciting Competition”. The excitement of this interactive mathematics activity was experienced not only by the participating students from grades 5, 6 and 7, but all the students together. Sahra Genc won the “2017 Pi Reciting Competition” by reciting the first 204 digits of Pi. Furthermore, during the week, our school recession bell was changed to “Pi Music”, which consisted of the notes created using the numbers of Pi, and cookies were handed out as snacks.

The “Pi Champion” and “Mathematic Olympic” winners’ prizes were handed out on Tuesday 14 March in our Conference Hall. We congratulate our students on their successes.

20 March 2017 Monday
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