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Modafen Literature Week Was Full of Activities

“Modafen Literature Week” was organized in our school on 13-16 February. During the week, several different activities were held for each grade level.

The activities, “Flying Books” and “Create Your Own Bookmarker”, prepared by our students made the week much more colourful. Our students became the illustrators and graphic designers of their favourite books. They recreated the book covers and designed bookmarks.

On 13th February, the author and the educator Nilay Yılmaz was with our kids in the interview called “Are we fond of Literature?” Before the interview, we watched the video called “Creative Reading” prepared by our 6th and 7th graders. The interview, held with the participation of our 5th grade students taking the book “Meraklı” (The Curious) as a basis, also underlined the effects of literature and its connection to our daily lives. Then, within the framework of “Respect to the Masters” activities, our Turkish language and Literature teacher, Tuncer Türk, held an interview with the kids on one of the most important story writers of Turkish literature: Sait Faik. During the interview, called “Understanding Sait Faik”, our teacher emphasized Sait Faik’s life, literary identity, and his work.

On Wednesday 14th February, in the interview called “Different Perspectives in Literature”, Betül Kanbolat and pedagogue author Nesrin Dosdoğru came together with our 7th graders. During the activity, through which they discussed the profession of writing and its effects, the students tried to answer the question: “What kind of future and profession?”

On Thursday 15th February, we had an interview called “Existing with Literature”, with Mina Soysal, the author of “Daralan” (Narrowing), the book read by our 9th and 10th graders during the term break. Our guest talked about how she had written the book, the reflections of socio-cultural conflicts on literature, and the effects on our future and analytical thinking of having friends from different cultures.

On Friday 16th February, a panel organized by our Turkish teacher Rahime Keskin, was held. The panellists were the poet Ayla Çınaroğlu, the editor Müren Beykan, the columnist Ömür Kurt, the author Nilay Yılmaz, the editor Bahar Siber and the illustrator Seda Mit. They talked about the daily life, literature, and book triangle based on questionnaires that had been given to our 6th and 7th graders.

All the guests that participated gave examples from their own lives, underlined the importance of literature and book, and shared the effects of being in literature for our future. During the interactive panel, the students defined the literature and books. Finally, they talked about the yesterday, today, and tomorrow of “children’s literature”

19 February 2018 Monday
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