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Modafen Green Days

A Modafen tradition, Green Days, took place between October 7th and 11th. Our students took part in various environmentalist activities during the “Modafen Green Days” week, which is held to raise children who are responsible for the environment, and who love and protect nature.

The activities started when our students and teachers came to school wearing green on Monday morning, emphasizing the importance of green. The students contributed to nature with their recycled bookmarks. How did they make a contribution with bookmarks? By planting and watering the seeds which were attached to the bookmark.

Another nice activity was done by our grade 1 students. The students made a cute tree out of recycled paper. Once the tree was complete, they sat beneath the tree and listened to nature stories.

Modafen Green Days activities continued with photography and composition competitions. Our Middle and High School students reflected their views about nature in the photographs for the “Nature is Warning, Think Green” photography competition. Our Middle School students started writing for the “Recycling and Energy Saving” composition competition.

Modafen Green Days ended with the photography and composition competition award ceremony. Students were happy to have received their environmentalist awards from their teachers.

Photography Competition
1. Duru Uytun (Middle School), İlker Erdoğan-Lara Ürkün (High School)
2. Mehmet İrtiş (Middle School), Cem Yiğit Kılıç-Lal Gödekli (High School)
3. Zeynep Özsoy (Middle school), Elif Öz (High school)

Composition Competition
5th Grade winner– Emre Üçer
6th Grade winner – Cem Sunay
7th Grade winner – Umut Yelbaşı
8th Grade winners – Enver Kemal Bican, Gurur Deniz Uyanık

11 October 2013 Friday
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