Modafen Family Commemorated Atatürk on the 78th Anniversary of His Death, With Grief ⋅ Modafen

Modafen Family Commemorated Atatürk on the 78th Anniversary of His Death, With Grief

All our students and teachers participated in the “10th November Commemoration of Atatürk Ceremony”, and commemorated Mustafa Kemal Atatürk with great grief.

The ceremony started at 9.05 in our school garden with two minute minutes of silence for Atatürk and his fellow fighters, and the singing of the National Anthem. Then, our Turkish Language and Literature Teacher, Tuğçe Kongur, made her speech on the importance and meaning of the day. Kongur, who emphasized the famous saying of Atatürk: “One day my mortal body will turn to dust, but the Turkish Republic will stand forever”, talked about the importance of Republic which was given to us by Atatürk. The ceremony ended when our students left their flowers around the Atatürk Bust.

Then, the ceremony continued in two stages. In the first stage, a performance was held for the 1st and 3rd grades. Our literature teacher, Pırıl Üngör Hızar, made a speech and she said: “Atatürk’s material life which ended in 1938, now goes on as Mustafa Kemal ideology in our hearts.” In the second stage, the same performance was held for the 4th graders. The choir sang the song “Atam Sen Rahat Uyu” and the song “Yemen Türküsü”. Then, our 9/A student Erim Özgür read his essay about the last days of Atatürk and then Aegean Zeibeks came to the stage. Finally, the ceremony ended after the choir had sung the song “Atam”.

Modafen Family, which has accepted the duty of raising up children devoted to the principles of Atatürk as their primary job, once again commemorated Atatürk on 10th of November with great grief and in tears.

11 November 2016 Friday
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