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Modafen debates “Is Maths a Discovery or Invention?”

A debate with the motion “Is Maths a Discovery or Invention” has been organized among Modafen students.

At the debate, held on June 6th Monday at the Modafen Conference Hall, the group consisting of İrem Kırdar, Metehan Özsoy, Gamze Genç and Öykü Öztürk competed enthusiastically with the group consisting of Kayra Uçar, Deniz Şen, Atahan Özsoy and Ege Uğur.

The opening speech of the program, presented by our Turkish teacher Pırıl Üngör Hızar, was given by İlhan Obuz .

During the debate contest, the leaders of each group and the other participant students defending their thesis one by one, criticized each other. At the end of the matches, our doyen teachers Mehmet Durak and İlhan Obuz gave certificates to all the students and prizes to the winning group to remind them of the importance and meaning of the day.

16 June 2016 Thursday
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