Modafen Celebrates Its Fourth Time at Harvard MUN ⋅ Modafen

Modafen Celebrates Its Fourth Time at Harvard MUN

As has become customary, Modafen attended this year’s Harvard Model United Nations (MUN), which is regarded as one of the most prestigious conferences of its kind. A group of 22 Modafen High School students and graduates from 9th, 10th and 11th grades successfully represented our school. Our teachers, Kurtuluş Akyüz and Berna Kurtuluş, together with our Academic Coordinator, Elif Nalbantoğlu, joined our students on the trip.

Over 3,200 students from 40 different countries gathered at Harvard MUN, acting as delegates for UN countries and debating current world topics over the four days of the conference. Modafen, one of a few top Turkish schools, was invited to join for a fourth successive year, and was given Iraq and Burundi as its delegated countries. For four days, our students covered social, political, economic and scientific topics, using their English skills to put their thoughts and viewpoints across to students from all corners of the globe.

Our students had been preparing since September as part of our MUN Club, starting from their respective delegation country’s social-political situation, before meticulously researching their own committee’s topics. During the conference, our students had the opportunity to use their high-level academic English in order to debate their topics and several students made presentations in front of their fellow delegates.

As well as the academic purpose of the trip, our students also had time to experience the culture of Boston by partaking in several walking tours, trips and excursions around the historical city. We visited the Harvard and MIT campuses, followed the Freedom Trail around Boston, and watched the Boston Celtics vs Denver Nuggets NBA match. We also enjoyed dinner together at famous restaurants such as Hard Rock Café and TGI Fridays, making the trip a memorable one for everyone present.

We would like to congratulate all of our students who participated at Harvard MUN and wish them continued success.

10 February 2016 Wednesday
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