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Modafen 2nd Foreign Languages Reading Contest

Modafen held its 3rd ‘Second Languages Reading Contest’ with great success. Students competed in four different languages of which drew great attention with their pronunciation skills, fluency and self-confidence. The competition was based on books that the students had read in German, French, Russian and Spanish during the summer months.

Three students from each language took part in the competition, which was held in two stages. In the first stage the students read an extract from a book they had read in the summer; and in the second stage they read a text new to them. The jury members comprised of a second language teacher, a teacher with relevant experience of the language and a high school student for each language. The competition started when our students entered the stage, one by one – Spanish, German, Russian and French language students, respectively. After songs played in the languages associated with the competition, the voting procedure began.

For Spanish, Spanish teacher Roger Sanchezpena, French teacher Gizem Adal Yavuz and Bekay Yılmaz from 10A.
For German, German teacher Banu Özdemir, German Teacher Begüm Erözen and Tarık Çolpan from 10A.
For Russian, Russian teacher Alona Çetin, gymnastics teacher Oksana Paslas and Zeynep Özsoy from 10A.
For French, French teacher Özgün Güney, dance teacher Tarhan Eroğlu and Koary Koraltürk from 10B.

Our students’ accuracy and fluency in the languages was admirable and the excitement of the results was great to see. We celebrate our students who took part in the contest and wish them continued success.

Spanish Students 

  1. 7A Derin Seyis
  2. 7A Lara Koçtürk
  3. 7A Cansu Canik

German Students

  1. 7B Ayda Çakıroğlu
  2. 7B Oya Yıldız
  3. 7B Demir Türköz

Russian Students

  1. 7A Melisa Turan
  2. 7B Esmahan Gülen
  3. 7C Kaya Aşar

French Students

  1. 7B Buğra Taşyar
  2. 7C Ömer Baran
  3. 7C Eylül Azimzade
19 October 2018 Friday
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