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Modafen 2nd Foreign Language Quiz Show Has Drawn Great Interest

The 2nd Foreign Languages Quiz Show, held on 8th of December at our school, drew great attention from our students and teachers. Our students competed with each other and enjoyed themselves in the second foreign languages that they had been learning. The competition was held in four different languages: French, German, Spanish, and Russian.

The first quiz show organized among the 6th graders drew great interest. Our students considered and debated the questions while answering them in great excitement. Two teams were selected from each language and each team consisted of 3 students. The show consisted of 3 parts and 20 questions within the scope of grammar, culture, and vocabulary. The show was also presented in 4 different languages. The excitement of our students did not prevent them from talking fluently and correctly. The competition started with the first group in the French language and the team called “Eiffel” of Henna Zeynep Tansuğ, İrem Ertüzün, Selen Yıklmaz , competed with the second team called “Chanel” composed of Defne Oran, Derin Hoşkal and Ela Sütçü. Ülkü Lal Durmuşlar was the presenter. In German, there were Efe Uyguç, Lal Zorlu, and Defne Özcan as the contestants in the first team called “Bach”, while our second team called “Beethoven” was composed of Eylül Akçay, Emre Taydaş and Dilara Özcan. In German, Doruk Taurus was the presenter. In the Spanish group, “Cervantes” was the 1st team, while the competitors were Eda Tavşan Ilgaz Mai Demir and Rohan Bayrak. In the second team called “Homero”, the contestants were Dünya Tangün, Defne Duru Bilgin and Mert Palacios. Maya Tükel was the presenter. Finally, while Nazenin Tara Taşören, Melisa Turan (5th grade) and Nisan Onar (5th grade) were in the 1st group in the Russian and the name of their team was “Москва”, the 2nd team was called “Петербург” and Tibet Ege Demir (7th grade), Vera Ayfer Akarca (5th grade) and Esmahan Gulen (5th grade), were the students. Our 4th grade student, Dora Çetin, presented the Russian show. The jury members were our 2nd foreign language teachers.

The excitement was at the peak when the jury announced the results. Finally, the winning groups received their prizes. Eiffel in French, Cervantes in Spain, Москва in Russia, and Bach in German were the winners of the contest. Our students are looking forward to the next step of the Second Foreign Languages Quiz Show.

14 December 2016 Wednesday
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