International Year of Light: Arts And Craft Days

Our students created wonderful works of art during our annual Arts and Craft Days. These days are used to encourage a sense of art and creativity in our students, to motivate them to be more critical of their surroundings, and to inspire them to produce original works of art. As 2015 is the International Year of Light, “light” was chosen as the theme of this year’s Arts and Craft Days.

1st grade students put strips of tape on canvas and painted pictures. When the paint was dry, they removed the strips and the remaining blanks lines represented light amongst the crystal like colours. In another piece, they stuck CDs and tinfoil on canvas. They mounted polystyrene with wire on wooden blocks and spray painted them to make interactive works of art.

The 2nd and 4th grade students created abstract stained glass panels. Although they originally worked as individuals, the panels were put together to make a collective work of art.

Our 3rd grade students glued neon-coloured puzzle pieces on black cardboard, emphasizing “light on dark”.

Our 5th, 6th and 7th grade students worked on the “reflect your own light” theme and glued colourful mirrors on canvas.

After three days of fun, our students finalised their creative works of art.

The work created by 3rd grade and 6A students was a first in Art and Craft Days. Our guest artist, İbrahim Uyumaz, introduced professional giant mosaic art to our students. Students worked on analysing colours, creating a composition, and transferring to the mosaic. They worked individually and collectively to break a whole, to separate the pieces, and to reconstruct the pieces into a new and coherent whole. The students, who experienced the importance of “part-whole” relationship, learnt how to plan, program, work in a team, and to be a part of the whole.

12 March 2015 Thursday
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