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How “Evden Modafen” Was Designed

Due to the national precautions against coronavirus pandemic; students, parents and educational institutes have entered an unprecedented period with obligatory distance education in Turkey.

So, how have we, as Modafen, prepared for this process?

Distance education is a system that has started to become widespread among university-age students since the internet has been found but it can be stated as very new for younger age groups.

Modafen Academic Board avoided making hasty decisions when designing the distance education system called ‘Evden Modafen’; by addressing and examining the process in different aspects on a global scale, considering both the technological infrastructure and family culture of Turkey and physiological development of our children.

To be able to follow the distance education programme easily at home, weekly work plans have been prepared for each class that are suitable for their own levels, but long-term planning has been avoided in order to enable dynamic planning in line with the feedback we will receive.

All of the studies have been prepared by our Modafen Academic Board, which includes the educational staff of all age groups from EdukaKids to the last year of high school, taking into account the psychological and social development characteristics of our children. The Board has taken into account the time they can spend in front of the computer screen depending on the characteristics of the age groups, factors that need attention, such as the students’ ability to work alone, the need to experience new gains and concentration times as well as the academic curriculum. The Board did not ignore the effects of the physical isolation and social withdrawal conditions that they will be exposed to during the distance education, and therefore focused on live connections from the first day.

‘Evden Modafen’ is not only academic for our children; It is a model designed with a holistic approach to maintain biological, physiological and psychological balances. As long as the distance education period continues, it has an infrastructure that is open to self-improvement, flexible enough to adapt to innovations and suitable to use all the opportunities provided by technology.

Our hope is to leave this process fast and with as little damage as possible, and to return to education side by side. However, we have completed all our preparations to continue Modafen’s A-type education and training approach through virtual classrooms and digital platforms without sacrificing our curriculum, standards and principles whilst we need to maintain our social distance and stay home.

For a while longer we say #StayAtHomeModafen, we wish our entire the Modafen family healthy days.

2 April 2020 Thursday
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