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Entrepreneurship Week at Modafen

Within the framework of “Entrepreneurship Week Activities” held in March every year, this year we once again hosted entrepreneurs from different business activities, all experts in their fields.

Modafen, who aim to prepare their students for life as early as possible, organize various activities within the framework of this philosophy. One of these activities is “Modafen Entrepreneurship Week” held in March every year. During this week, we invite people, who are all experts in their fields, to our school and help our students meet them.

The guests for this year’s “Entrepreneurship Week” were Ayşe Tolga, Çavlan Özügüzel, Aylin Çıkrıkçıoğlu, Özkan Doğan, Onur Besen, Efecan Gürbüz and Meral Saatçi.

We discussed many different topics with our guests, starting from the globalized world to business life and the important points in business life to be careful about. Our students had the chance of hearing the success stories of people who may become role models for them, directly from the people themselves, during the talks which were quite interactive.

As we all know, one of the most important factors opening the doors to success is experience. In this respect, via the questions they asked, our students got the chance of listening to the experience of these successful people and of taking notes.

In our conferences, having side topics, such as innovation, corporate culture, being hardworking, skills, creativity, the ability to make the right decisions, economy, welfare, orientation, adaptation, appreciation, specialisation, education and social environment, our guests gave our students very important advice on the way to open the door of success: “Patience”, “being hardworking”, “Using the Opportunities”.

In our time, when early acquired experience and maturity are of great importance, the interest that our students showed to the conferences, although they are still too young to be in the business life and to make their parents proud in this respect, was one of the most striking parts of the week.

We would like to thank all Modafen students, who showed how much they care about their futures, with the logical questions they asked, as well as our guests, Ayşe Tolga, Çavlan Özügüzel, Aylin Çıkrıkçıoğlu, Özkan Doğan, Onur Besen, Efecan Gürbüz and Meral Saatçi, who honoured us with their participation.

10 March 2016 Thursday
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