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Dilara Polat and Animation

Modafen grows, thus our family grows. We are a huge family now! This year we received both new teachers and new students. Among our new students is Grade 8 student Dilara Polat with number 195.  In this interview we are going to get to know her and learn about her original work.

Dilara will you introduce yourself and tell us what you enjoy and what you do?

I am interested in art. I love listening to music, reading books and drawing. I particularly like fantastic fiction. I love J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books.

Will you tell us about your family?

My mother is a tourist guide who is also interested in dance. My father is a guitar instructor at Modafen but essentially he is a photographer. I have a sister who is 7. She started Grade 1 this year.

This is your first year at Modafen; how did being a member of Modafen contribute to you?

It gave me work-discipline and wonderful friends.

What do you do in your time outside classroom?

Because I am getting ready for the exam this year I do not have much free time but I surf the internet or read a book when I can.

When and how did start being interested in animation?

I have always drawn pictures, since childhood. Then I took miniature classes. In Grade 6 I prepared a 330-page cartoon for a Turkish lesson project. One of my teachers said that it would be great if I coloured that work. That was the first idea. After that my family and I started doing research on animation. One day my mother saw an advert of “Canlandıranlar” in the newspaper. I attended the first workshop and that’s how the journey started.

This year you were a part of the animation activities which were held as part of the 2010 Istanbul Capital of Culture Activities, will you tell us about that?

Many activities were organised this year since Istanbul was the Capital of Culture 2010. There were adverts everywhere. I was very excited to be a part of such an event. I was very happy that they allowed me to be a part of a project which mainly consisted of people who were older than me.

Please tell us about your animation work and its contents.

My theme was the monotonous lives of the people who live in a city as complicated as Istanbul. I drew each box of the animation on the computer. That was very tiring.

Are you planning on carrying on with your work in the future; have you set any such goals?

Certainly I want to continue in the future. We have consulted many people and finally we decided that the best thing to do for me would be to attend a good high school first and to receive professional animation training in college. Therefore, my priority is to be placed in a good high school and to continue my animation work in college.

Who do you receive support from regarding your animation work?

My family gave me a lot of support. The “Canlandıranlar” team was also very helpful. Without them I could not have succeeded. I would like to thank Canlandıranlar’s founder Berat İlk; Baran Baran who allocated his time to me and helped me with my project, and to Ömer Ahunbay, who composed the music for my project through his own goodwill.

How would you tell your friends outside school about Modafen?

I would tell them that Modafen is a real family environment where friendship, fun and learning come together.

Is there anything else you want to tell us?

I value my work very dearly and the interest and support that I received for it from my friends and teachers was very motivating. I would like to thank me teachers and friends who were there for me at the gala last month, despite the awful weather conditions.

As Modafen Family, we would like to thank Dilara Polat who successfully represented our school.

26 April 2012 Thursday
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