Democracy Celebration by Grade 3 ⋅ Modafen

Democracy Celebration by Grade 3

Our grade 3 students studied “democracy and elections” during their social studies lesson. To reinforce the topic and to select a class president, the students had a mini election.

The class first debated on the required characteristics of a class president and determined the president’s duties. When the teacher asked who wanted to be a president, many students came forward. So, the candidates prepared a speech about themselves and what they would do if they were selected. When the propaganda began, the students made their speeches and explained their projects to their fellow students.

When the Election Day came, the ballot box, the ballots, stamp, envelopes, and voter lists were ready. The whole class was excited about the election. The votes were given secretly. The ballots were put in envelopes and then put in the ballot box. The voters also signed the voter list to show that they had voted.

When the voting was over, it was time to count the votes. The two ballot box attendants opened the box and counted the votes. The student who got the most votes became the Class President and the one who got the second most votes became the Class Vice-President. After the results, the selected students made a speech.

With this election, students learnt and internalized the concept of democracy.

1 November 2013 Friday
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