4th Year Students Prepare for Life with Daily Life Skills Lesson

These days, where we experience a ‘learning from home’ process to protect not only our own lives but also the lives of our loved ones and other people provide an important opportunity for children to acquire and apply the skills they will need for life. As Modafen, we know that our children will need their parents’ knowledge and the skills they will gain for life as representatives of the ‘adult’ roles in their lives.

In this context; under the roof of Modafen, our 4th-grade teachers integrated the ‘Daily Life Skills’ course into their weekly curriculum, which gave our students a different perspective during this time they spent at home.

In this course, students learn how to sew their broken buttons, make their own toys, wash dishes by hand, help their parents in the kitchen, fold their laundry, set and lift the table, clean the garden or balcony, and take responsibility for their household chores and take part in the daily lives of their families. Within the scope of this course, which is progressed with a dynamic program and plan, our students learn to greet, thank and introduce themselves in sign language during the week and they become aware of many areas of life by making a shopping bag from their old t-shirts.

In this period when technology is at the forefront, the ‘Daily Life Skills’ project, which develops our children in terms of self-sufficiency and survival by discovering the vital tasks in the background are independent of self-care, self-confident, self-confident, able to stand on their feet as well as the idea. it supports them in order to raise strong generations.

Modafen continues to work and produce different projects in order to continue and strengthen the ‘Family-School-Student’ life triangle.

27 May 2020 Wednesday
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