4th İstanbul Children and Youth Art Biennale ⋅ Modafen

4th İstanbul Children and Youth Art Biennale

4th Istanbul Children and Youth Art Biennale has been held in between 19th April- 23rd May with the concept “Wake Up Service: Good Morning”. The biennale is an artistic organization which was organized to create an appropriate environment to bring up creative generations and to bring together the original artistic work of children with the audience and viewers in public environments. The Biennale, drawing attention with its international participants, offered a rich program including panels, conferences, ateliers, interviews, music, dance shows and poem recitals which brought people from Istanbul together with the art work of children and youngsters.

450 projects out of 1189 taking part into the biennale were chosen to be displayed. As Modafen, we also exhibited in this children and youth platform with 5 projects. Our students, participating in the Biennale after a long period of preparation, had the chance of expressing themselves through their work and took a very meaningful step in their artistic and academic career.

At the opening of the Biennale, our art teachers visited the exhibition with their students. They talked about the other artwork taking part in the Biennale and lived the proud of seeing their own production.

The other steps of 4th Children and Youth Art Biennale are as follows: 1-30 June North Cyprus Turkish Republic Nicosia; 24th October- 24th November Hatay.

The Duyu Aynası (Sense Mirror) project carried by our high school students and Zentangle project carried by our primary school students together with the middle school students have been chosen by the jury to be displayed at Nicosia and Hatay biennale.

Names of Participating Projects:

  • Zentangle, primary and middle school students
  • Duyu Aynası, high school students
  • Uyanışın, primary schools students
  • Gazete Bienal, primary school students
  • Kayıp Ruhların Özgürlüğüne Uyanmak
6 June 2016 Monday
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