29th October, Founding of the Turkish Republic ⋅ Modafen

29th October, Founding of the Turkish Republic

“The most suitable regime to the character and traditions of the Turkish nation is the Republican Regime”
M. Kemal Atatürk

We are proud to celebrate the 92nd anniversary of our Republic entrusted to the Turkish youth by the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Establishment of the Republic was the result of a great victory obtained by a nation – which had lost everything – after struggling to gain its national independence. Therefore, now we are determined to build up a future with great hope and enthusiasm.

The 29th October celebrations started with the National Anthem ceremony and continued with the songs sung by the choir, the oratorio, the award ceremony and several other activities. The opening speech was given by one of our Turkish Language and Literature teachers, Ayça Tunçel Eken, and then Can Dündar’s documentary “O Gün” (“That Day”) was watched. Our school Principal Mehmet Durak made a speech about the meaning and importance of the day and our Turkish Language and Literature teachers, Tuncer Türk and İlknur Aydemir, made their speeches.

Our students, Burak Ege Gül, Henna Zeynep Tansuğ and Öykü Uzun, who won awards in the composition writing contest titled “Ulu Çınar Cumhuriyet” (“Great Deep-Rooted Republic”) were handed their awards from our school principal Mehmet Durak.

Our 9th grade students performed in the “Umut” (“Hope”) oratorio put on stage by our Turkish Language and Literature department. Our 2nd grade students recited their poems about the Republic. Then, the play called “Republic Ball”, prepared by the Foreign Languages Department and Art Department of our school, was performed.

Finally, our choir was on stage, together with our music teachers, and they made us feel the enthusiasm of Republic Day. The ceremony ended with the choir singing “10. Yıl Marşı” (“10th Year Anthem”).

The drawings made by our students during the week were also displayed on the walls of the school.

30 October 2015 Friday
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